Friday, August 28, 2009


I can't believe I haven't posted since the beginning of April I guess I will have to try to do better I will summarize whats been happing

In April I flew to Denver and Dan and I drove mom to Spokane to live near us so we could help her. She seems to like it here and her favorite son in law has been taking her to the casinoat least once a month it is about 20 mins away and she doesn't have a car.

In may we had Mothers day brunch at her apartment and all the grandkids and great grands were there Also my sister came to see her. Our Grandaughter turned 2 on May 16th

The first week of June my baby (Becca) graduated from High school she moved in with her brother and sisterin law and Niece (Kristin) I think she likes it. Also my nephew Kevin came to spend the summer. The kids all got to hang out together

July was spent hanging around in the heat, we went to the O'shaguy's for the fouth of July instead of the uual camping trip it was great. On July 11th Silas turned 2. He says look out I went from crawling to running we are so proud that he is walking now.

We are now into August the kids all went to Silverwood they had a blast. They also knew that Kevins time was short they went to the pool a couple times and he even got to mountian board he has the wounds to prove that one. Jessica gave him her board he was excited am hoping that he gets to use it,
on Aug 18 I packed mom and Kevin into my Kia rondo and off we went to take Kevin back to Fremont thats a story for another time. we arrived back home on aug 24

Now it is time to get back to school and work I have decided to go back to driving school bus part time will see how it goes.
I took picture wile in CA will post one or two now and more tomorrow


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