Thursday, December 18, 2008


OK I started this once will try it again. It started snowing here yesterday morning at 730 by 3pm we had about 10 inches so off i went to get Becca from Basketball practice @ 345 Dan decided to leave the KIA Rondo parked at scared heart in the staff garage. People were waiting several hours to get out that's how bad the roads were, Dan walked about 2 and half miles to catch up with me and Becca. That was about 5pm so off we headed to try to get home it took us about an hour. School was cancelled today and they just announced that there will be no school tomorrow. It quit snowing about 3pm and we have about 3 feet on the ground as you can see from the pictures posted here. I just heard that it is not over yet ugh

The First Picture is our House, The 2nd is out the door at the pinic table and side of the house, The 3rd is Titus's dog house, The 4th is Fredrick's dog house and area The 5th is of Sally's area



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