Monday, December 29, 2008

Today 10 more inches of snow

For some reason this is working like I want it to so here goes another day of 10 inches of snow. I was suppose to go to Cusick and pick up Becca from Riverview bible camp but I got the truck stuff in the snow bank and it took me three hours to get it out by that time I couldn't see across the street so I didn't go get her will have to firgure out something tomorrowI have already had the grader in her three times and at $100.00 a shot not sure how much more i can afford but I guess we do what we have to. Lots of roads are closed tonight. Matt and his Father in law are going to get Dan and bring him home. Will then have to firgure out what happens tomorrow. And it isn't even January yet. Wait I want it to be April. lol Well guess I better firgure out what hot food to make for when Dan gets here


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